Finding accommodation for next year

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So, it’s that time of year again.

Christmas is just around the corner and all your course-mates seem to be panicking about where they’re going to live next year; “With who? Why is everyone looking for a house already? Do we have to now? Can’t we leave it ‘til the new year?”.

We know it’s a tricky subject to tackle no matter what year you’re in, and it can be a bit daunting to jump into the whole process when you might be worried about getting fleeced by a dodgy landlord or letting agency. Well, in cliché superhero fashion we’re here to say have no fear!

For starters, there’s absolutely no rush to book a house for the next academic year. HudLets is regularly in contact with all halls providers AND most landlords in the Huddersfield area, and we know that there are more than enough beds to go around. You’d be surprised by some of the fantastic rooms and houses stood around town now, in November, that remain unfilled for this academic year.

Even with that said, it always helps to start nosing around as early as you can so you know what’s out there. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been updating our website regularly with all the latest halls and housing offerings as they come to us. We want to make sure we’re offering a comprehensive, impartial and most importantly free lettings and advice service for you lovely students.

Take a look around – we’ve got 70+ houses online right now, and you’ll find as you hover each one you’ll be given a snippet of information including number of beds, amenities and luxuries, price, distance from University and more. Looking for halls? Like we said, we’ve got links (and prices!) for all the major players in Huddersfield right here on our website. Check out the photos, compare the facilities, weigh up the walking distance and find what suits you best.

If you’d like to arrange a viewing or even just chat about your options going forward, feel free to head on up to the HudLets office in Student Central. We can be found right opposite the Students’ Union help desk if you’re not 100% clued up on your campus whereabouts!

As well as sorting you out with a bed for the year, HudLets offer free contract checking, drop-in sessions at halls most Tuesdays (check out the Students’ Union event calendar for details on our next one), free property inspection and viewings, and advice on just about anything else that’ll help make your student life better.

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