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Thinking about heading home for Christmas?  If you’re the last one out, here are our top tips to keep everything safe and secure.

1. Doors and windows

Make sure all your doors and windows are fully locked when you leave – including upstairs ones, even if you live in a flat or halls.  It’s worth a quick double-check right before you go… and if you have an alarm, make sure it’s set!

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2. Switch it off

Keep it green this Christmas and make sure none of your lights and appliances are left on when you leave, and that you turn your central heating right down (but not completely off as your pipes could freeze).  You’ll be doing your bit for the planet – and that’s bound to get you in Santa’s good books.

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3. Timing is everything

Why not invest in some light timers?  They’re inexpensive, and you wouldn’t need many!  It would make it look like your home isn’t empty while you’re away.

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4. Keep it clean

Don’t forget to empty your bins, clear any washing up, and use up or get rid of any old food.  Aside from not wanting to come home to a dirty kitchen in January, you may even come home to some unwanted bugs!

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5. Have a chat with your landlord

It’s always a good idea to let your landlord know when you’re leaving any property empty for a while.  They’ll know that no-one should be in, so might keep an extra eye on the property while you’re away.

Don’t forget, above all, have a very merry Christmas from HudLets!

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