Our Top Money Saving Tips for Students

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Drum roll please…our top tips for saving money as a student have just landed

1. We all love a late night takeaway or a cheeky ready meal at the end of a long day of lectures,  but the cost can soon stack up. Cooking for yourself is so much cheaper, and not as scary as you think.

2. Fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, or live with someone that does? Get together and cook as a group or take it in turns and introduce a bit of friendly competition, it helps keep food costs down and its a great way of getting to know your flatmates better.

3. Leftover spag-bol taking up too much space in your fridge?…don’t throw it out! Box it up and bring it with you for lunch, you can heat it up in the SU microwaves on our floor!

4. Tired of staying in on the weekends to save your cash? There’s really no need! Check out our Give It A Go Map for loads of local, low-cost ideas that you can get involved in.

5. Tempted by all those pricey coffee shops on your way to Uni? Bypass them all and head straight for the SU Shop, you can get your caffeine fix for as little as £1.30, even less if you bring your own cup!

6. Landing a part-time job is a great way to boost your income while you study, but we know it’s a tough market out there. Have a look at the Uni’s job shop for all the latest opportunities and find top tips to get ahead of the pack on our employability page.

7. Volunteering is another great way to make your CV stand out from the crowd, we have loads of exciting opportunities on our website, whether you’re looking for a regular gig or want to take part in one of our big one-off events!

8. Fancy never paying full price again for your favourite brands?  Did you know you can now get yourself an NUS Extra card from the SU front desk? Giving you instant access to over 200 discounts virtually on the spot, check out the full list here.

9. We know it might not feel like it right now, but spring is just around the corner, perfect time for a spring clean! It pays to look after your student pad. Keeping it clean, tidy and pest free means you’ll protect your deposit and walk away with a pocket full of cash.

10. There’s nothing worse than waiting months for your student loan to finally come in, only to watch it disappear in a matter of days. If you need a little help handling your cash flow the Advice Centre can help. Have a look at their handy money guide here or pop up and see them on Floor 5, Student Central, anytime between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

11. Cost of commuter student life got you down? Taking on public transport can be tough at the best of times, not to mention so expensive. It’s all about buying in bulk, getting a season ticket will save you shed loads in the long run. Add a railcard to that, and the discounts keep on coming.

12. Your big Wednesday night wiped you out again? And we don’t just mean physically. Nights in can be just as good and so much cheaper. Get your mates round and make some food. Film night or Fifa tournament anyone?

13. Keep track of your cash. When you rent with HudLets we make sure you’re getting a good deal, lots of our houses come with all bills included. We also offer a free contract checking service so we can help prevent any nasty surprises. Call us on 01484 473435, email us at: [email protected] or pop in and see us, Floor 5, Student Central.

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