Top 5 reasons to become a HudLets Landlord

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Business is booming, and our properties are more in demand than ever – so much so we’re on the lookout for new landlords!

If you’re a landlord in Huddersfield and eager to let your properties to our students, why not get in touch?  We offer so much more than your average high street letting agency, but here are some of the top reasons you should market your property with us…

1. Unrivaled access to students

First and foremost, we have unrivalled access to the entire student body at the University of Huddersfield.  Our office is based right in the centre of campus on the Students’ Union floor, which is obviously a popular hangout.  We also work closely with the Students’ Union themselves, advertising through their social media channels and directly emailing university students.

2. No tenants?  No fees!

You’ll pay nothing until we find you a tenant.  There’s no setup fee, and until we house students in your property we won’t charge you any commission either.

3. A tailored service for each HudLets Landlord

We take into account exactly what you’re wanting to achieve, whether that’s a certain number of tenants or revenue – and we’ll build something bespoke to your properties.

4. We know what students want

Working closely with the SU and University gives us a unique opportunity to access the student population and gain useful research and insight.  We firmly believe we know better than any high street letting agency what the student population want in their properties – and that’s because they tell us.

5. An experienced and dedicated team

Our team take great pride in the work they do – matchmaking students with their perfect homes, and finding you your perfect tenants is what we do.  This means that when you come to our office you’ll not just be offered a great service but also a cup of tea, and maybe even a biscuit.

Interested in becoming a HudLets Landlord?  Email to find out more!

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