How to make your student accommodation feel like home 

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 Leaving your home and moving to student accommodation marks the beginning of your university life. However, this change can feel overwhelming at times. The new environment, unfamiliar spaces, and people, along with feelings of homesickness, can make your new accommodation feel less like home. But fear not, because a few simple changes can fix that. To help you easily adjust to your new place, here are some valuable tips on how you can transform your accommodation into a comfortable and welcoming living space you will look forward to returning to every day. 

Organise your belongings: 

 While unpacking your belongings it’s important to strategically consider how you will organise your space to maximize its functionality. Creating designated spaces for different items will ensure your space is organised, not only allowing your new place to feel more inviting and comfortable but also to avoid unnecessary stress. This can be achieved by using different storage bins or organisers for your belongings, making it easier for you to locate them when needed. 

 Personalise and customise your space: 

Adding a personal touch to your space by including items that are important to you will help it feel more like home. Hanging photos, posters and artwork which reflect you and your interests is a great way to add personality to your accommodation without damaging it. Additionally, you might consider including scents to your place which remind you of home by using scented candles, diffusers, or low maintenance plants to create a familiar environment.  

Be comfortable: 

Improving your relaxing and sleeping area is essential to create a comforting place to return after long days at university. Consider investing in good bedding and comfortable pillows to improve your sleep quality and including some soft cushions and cosy throws and blankets to create a cosy environment.  

Good lighting: 

 Lighting can make a big difference to how a room makes you feel so it’s important to have different options of lighting for different situations. When looking for a more relaxing atmosphere try replacing the harsh overhead lights with soft and warm lights such as floor or desk lamps. String lights are also great if you want to add a cosier ambience to your room.  

Connect with your housemates:  

Having a good relationship with the people you live with is crucial to make your accommodation feel like home. Open and honest communication is necessary to ensure you get along, avoiding unwanted conflicts. Creating a relationship with your housemates might be difficult due to different schedules but planning small group activities such as cooking together or watching TV is a great way to bond.  

Turning your accommodation into your new home is an ongoing process, use these tips to gradually transform your place into a welcoming space that represents your personality while providing the much-needed comfort you will require during your studies. Remember that the key to creating a space that feels like home is in the little details and personal touches. 

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