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Academic support 

At HudLets, we understand that the journey to academic success involves more than just finding the perfect accommodation. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the academic support services offered by Huddersfield Students’ Union (HSU). Whether you’re a fresher just starting out or a seasoned student, HudLets is here to ensure you make the most of your university experience. 

Your personal mentors: 

The journey may seem daunting but fear not—your Academic Personal Mentors are here to play a crucial role throughout your time at Huddersfield. These mentors offer personalised guidance, helping you navigate your course and provide expert advice to ensure your success. Attendance at these sessions is highly recommended as they can significantly contribute to your academic journey. 

Study skill workshops: 

To equip yourself with essential academic skills, we strongly encourage you to participate in the workshops and training hosted by HSU. Covering everything from effective time management to mastering exam strategies, these workshops provide practical tools that will serve you well throughout your academic career. Check the events page for upcoming workshops: 

Learning from your fellow students: 

Connecting with fellow students on your course is a rich source of academic support. Engaging in group sessions and gaining insights from those who understand the modules can make challenging subjects more manageable. This collaborative approach may also lead to lasting friendships, enhancing your overall university experience. 

Your Intellectual Hub: 

Going beyond its role as a storage space for books, the university library is your intellectual hub. Immerse yourself in extensive academic resources, collaborate in study spaces, and leverage cutting-edge technology. Librarians are available to assist with research and citation styles, making the library a central hub for academic excellence. 

Embracing Inclusivity: 

HudLets is a strong advocate for inclusivity. If you have specific learning needs, Disability Support Services are available to ensure every student has an equal opportunity to thrive. Reach out to our Advice Centre for the best possible help, and don’t hesitate to inform your lecturers if you’re facing challenges—they are there to assist you. 

Your go-to compass: 

When faced with academic challenges, turn to our recommended compass—the Advice Centre. Located on Floor 5 of Student Central, this free and independent service offers expert advisers who will guide you through your options and help you discover your next steps. 

Peer supporters service: 

Feeling the need to talk? At HudLets we highly recommend the Peer Supporters Service, run by students for students. Connect virtually or in person in a purpose-built, relaxing area outside the Advice Centre. A cup of tea is optional, but a confidential chat is guaranteed. 

As you embark on your academic journey at Huddersfield, remember that the academic services offered by Huddersfield Students’ Union provide invaluable resources for your success. From personalised guidance to peer support, seize these opportunities, explore the services, and relish a successful academic adventure. HudLets is proud to be part of your journey and looks forward to seeing you thrive in Huddersfield. 

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