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You may be climbing the walls and thinking you can no longer revise or continue to work but sometimes it’s a case of stepping back and assessing the situation. We’ve put together a few tips to hopefully help you cope with the stress of it all.


  1. Take time to relax

The number 1 rule here is to make time for yourself, whether that’s sleeping, getting some fresh air, doing a bit of yoga or meeting up with friends it’s healthy to relax in-between your work. Psychologists say that we can only concentrate properly for 30-45 minutes so don’t put strain on your brain (pardon the rhyme) to conquer that piece of work that you’re struggling with. Try using the app ‘Headspace’ which allows for 10 minutes meditation a day, it isn’t anything complicated it’s just concentrating on breathing for a few minutes out of your day.



  1. Eat well

Eating well will help you to concentrate so it’s thoroughly important that as well as regular eating you should also keep in mind to eat healthy. Plan your meals at the beginning of the week so you don’t have to worry throughout the week. It doesn’t have to cost much, pop to your local Aldi or Lidl, they always have great deals!



  1. Exercise

Not only does exercise keep up with the healthy theme, it’s also a time to break away from your studies; even the walk to the gym will help to clear your mind. You don’t have to traipse all the way to the gym either, why not get a few friends together and make the most out of this glorious Huddersfield weather to go for a walk up to Castle Hill.



  1. Talk to someone

You should never feel ashamed to ask for help, make sure you speak to tutor, friends or family. Even the smallest of conversation can help to resolve a problem that you may be having but also don’t be afraid to ask a professional service on campus like the Advice Centre, Disability services or your School Office.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

The biggest panic of all stems from asking peers “where are you at?” which ultimately leads to heart palpitations and wanting to crawl into a ball forever to avoid studying. That question never ends the way you want it to, and causes more stress. You need to remind yourself that you work differently to everyone else. Once you stop comparing yourself you’ll feel at ease with your workload.




  1. Tidy room, Tidy Mind

Before you even think of putting pen to paper/hands to laptop make sure the area around you is workable, meaning tidy. Having a tidy space keeps your head happy, even if you think you don’t mind an untidy room, your subconscious says differently and this can actually affect the work you produce or the way that you revise.



  1. Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows that drinking liquids is an essential for your health but it’s remembering to drink that’s the problem. Try tagging your friends into the memes on Facebook which state ‘remember to stay hydrated’ or ‘drink water’, it may seem like a joke but as well as your friends it will remind you too.



  1. Set realistic goals

We aren’t perfect and neither is managing our workload but stop panicking and think realistically. If you know in your head that you’ll end up completing 1 task instead of 10 a day then make that clear. By setting a million goals in a day you’re only stressing yourself out more and even avoiding doing work altogether. Also, making short-timed goals such as daily or even hourly will help you to see the bigger picture.



  1. Revise with friends

Studies show that revising with friends is an effective technique to allow people to absorb each other’s notes. It also helps on an emotional level as you will feel a lot more relaxed and at ease knowing that you’re (literally) surrounded by people you are comfortable with.



  1. Plan a reward

As well as setting realistic goals you know yourself that if there’s a treat at the end of the line it’s bound to speed up the process.



  1. Keep it in perspective – it isn’t the end of the world

All in all, you need to concentrate on yourself as a person and not a working machine. Whatever happens you will strive to where you want to be, you’ve made it this far in your University career and you should be proud of yourself. Once you have completed an exam or a piece of work, try to forget about it, you’ve done everything you can do so go back to point 10 and reward yourself as you deserve it!



University can be stressful but it is also an amazing experience and so much fun! We want to make sure you make the most of your student days so don’t let accommodation woes add to your stress, make sure you come and talk to us! Our office is based on Floor 5, Student Central, feel free to pop in for a chat between 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday or you can email us at: [email protected] or call: 01484 473435

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